Off-shoulder Long White Dresses


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The Off-shoulder Long White Dress is the epitome of elegance with a hint of drama. The off-shoulder design creates a captivating neckline, framing the shoulders beautifully for a graceful silhouette. Its long length adds sophistication, making it ideal for formal events or special occasions. What sets this dress apart is the high slit, which brings a bold touch and allows for fluid movement, adding an alluring flair to an otherwise classic style.

The high slit not only adds a dramatic effect but also provides a glimpse of your legs, contributing to an overall look that’s both sophisticated and daring. The off-shoulder style is timeless, giving the dress a romantic and feminine vibe. The white color adds versatility, allowing you to pair it with a variety of accessories to suit any event. This dress is designed for those who want to feel confident and make a memorable entrance.

The versatility of the Off-shoulder Long White Dress makes it suitable for a range of occasions. It’s perfect for formal events like galas, weddings, and elegant dinners, where the high slit offers a dynamic and stylish touch. Pair it with statement jewelry and high heels for a glamorous look, or opt for more understated accessories for a subtle yet chic appearance. This dress is a must-have for anyone seeking a balance between classic elegance and a hint of boldness.

Size (inches) Bust Waist Hip Length Mexico
S 29.92-35.43 23.62-29.92 31.50-41.73 61.02 0.00
M 31.50-37.80 25.20-31.50 33.07-43.31 61.02 0.79
L 33.07-39.37 26.77-33.07 34.65-44.88 61.02 1.57
XL 34.65-40.94 28.35-34.65 36.22-46.46 61.02 2.76
2XL 36.22-42.52 29.92-36.22 37.80-48.03 61.02 3.54
3XL 37.80-44.09 31.50-37.80 39.37-49.61 61.42 4.33
4XL 39.37-45.67 34.65-40.94 40.94-51.18 61.61 5.12


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